Niche Web Hosting Company SRN Hosting Outperforms Popular Ride Sharing Service

SRN Hosting outperforms popular ride sharing service

Ride sharing companies are all the rage right now with their names becoming verbs or adjectives used to describe companies that offer amazing service and simplicity. Through their success they have built huge recognizable brands which makes you think they are very successful.

In the web hosting industry there are also big corporations with huge brands similar to the ride sharing space. You again might think that big brand means success. But there is a host (pun intended) of smaller companies that offer the same or better fanatical service to their clients and are arguably a lot more successful.

App based services are all the rage

That’s right. The new app-based services for taxis, hotel rooms, therapists, & cleaners are awesome because they do make life simpler. No more calling a cab over the phone and explaining to them what time to come and get you.

The importance of simplicity and convenience isn’t very new at all. Any business that can offer a service that is cheap, convenient and simple will become popular.

The real question is whether their business will be successful and last for years to come.

Looking at the most recent case of a popular ride sharing company, being big may not be so great.

Doing great while losing a billion

Now for some numbers and some substantiation.

In a recent article published on a very reputable financial news website, it was reported that one such popular company was doing great. So great in fact that their Chief Financial Officer disclosed that despite their billions of dollars in sales, they had made a whopping loss of $987.2 million dollars in 2015.

Now I’m no accountant, but that’s a hefty sum of cash to be losing. Who knew that loosing close to a billion dollars still makes you one of the most popular and ‘successful’ companies worldwide?

How do you stay in business when you lose a billion a year? I’ll leave that to the accountants to answer.

Yes, SRN Hosting Did Better

So while SRN is a private company and our financial results are not public, I feel very confident to state that we certainly have done a little better than losing $987 million dollars. In fact, we did almost a billion times better!

Our success is linked to our approach to customers, in the way that we understand their business and their goals and craft a solution that makes the most sense.

Give SRN Hosting a Shot

SRN Hosting is a US based web hosting and digital marketing company dedicated to helping our clients succeed online. We specialize in small and medium businesses and offer domains, email, hosting, SEO and marketing strategy services.

We are a small business compared to the behemoths in the industry but we think we do it better than the big guys.

Now that we have demonstrated that we have outperformed one of the most popular companies in the world right now are you interested in giving us a shot?