5 Questions to Ask When Choosing Where to Host your Website

Choosing a web Host & SRN Hosting

1. Do they have a Wide Variety of Features?

Features like cron jobs, email forwarding and website stats, are things that should be available to you with your host. Finding a hosting company that offers additional features like scripts that can be installed automatically can prove to be a HUGE plus both in terms of saving time as well as making the absolute most of your website’s capabilities.

2. Are their Prices Competitive?

Like anything else, check to make sure the prices they offer are competitive with other hosting companies. Also know that some things are worth a little extra such as excellent customer support or a large amount of features. With as many hosting companies as there are out there, you should be able to get everything you need without having to surrender to the more expensive companies.

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3. How’s their Customer Service?

Sometimes things go wrong…it happens…But when it’s something to do with your website you need to be able to get the right people troubleshooting the problem and fixing it ASAP. Make sure your provider offers quick response time to your requests and questions. You need your site to be working at all times and finding a company that can respond to you quickly, can prove invaluable.

4. Is their Customer Control Panel Easy to Use?

You’re not the tech expert right? That’s why you pay for a company that is! You shouldn’t have to struggle to use the control panel your hosting company has provided for you so make sure it’s easy enough to figure out and make the most of in a matter of minutes, not hours.

5. Can they Grow if Your Needs Grow?

You may start out wanting a website to just share your thoughts on fashion so you don’t need any sort of fancy plan to suit your needs, right? But like everything in life, needs change and you may decide to start selling the very clothing you’ve been blogging about so upgrading and/or changing your website plan is something that your current website hosting provider should offer, hassle free. Make sure your provider has all the tools necessary to grow as you grow.

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