4 Reasons to have an SSL Certificate

SRN Hosting reasons to have an SSL Certificate

1. Increase Security

Cyber-criminals are all about identifying weaknesses in a target’s network, they look for sites that do not have an SSL Certificate. They often find that one of the weakest links in the typical business infrastructure occurs when information is in transit. That’s because many businesses have worked hard in recent years to bolster stored data security, but haven’t used an SSL Certificate to extend that same effort to the transmission of information. Therefore, cyber-criminals have shifted their focus from targeting stored data to the more vulnerable transmitted information. Recently, hackers have been refining malicious strains that are specifically designed to capture data as it is moving between destinations and this threat to businesses will continue to persist — unless organizations do something about it. For enterprises, SSL certificates offer a vital means of defending against transit-based hacks.

2. Increase Trust

Securing and maintaining the trust of customers is perhaps the most important component of any business. But as more organizations pursue cyber solutions — such as the implementation of ecommerce — the risks to customers grow. However, some of these risks are eliminated via SSL certificates, which, when added to processes like online transactions, not only heighten security, but also provide patrons with the key knowledge that their private data is secure. When a customer sees the trust seal that indicates SSL is in place, they will have faith that their information is properly protected.

3. Increase Credibility

When customers trust a business and have confidence in its security mechanisms, they will feel a greater sense of loyalty. And as your business adds more loyal patrons to its network, that will allow the enterprise to enjoy a surge in credibility. These days, effective security is one of the key elements that sets credible businesses apart.

4. Increase Site Ranking

With HTTPS becoming a more relevant search ranking factor, getting an SSL certificate and its proper implementation are a greater imperative for webmasters from 2016. As suggested by Google’s John Mueller, this might take some time (and money, too) to get right, but will eventually bring the necessary stability to the entire web world – one website at the time.

Now, to actually move to HTTPS, you need to work with a trusted provider and typically pay a little extra to get the necessary security. For companies that are aware of the importance of protecting customers’ data, this should not be an issue and is only a logical step in the process of improving user experience. However, while most companies aren’t willing to compensate on security, the issue of the additional costs seems to be a justified concern for some smaller companies.

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