5 Reasons You Should Choose WordPress for your Website

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1. It’s Popular

That may seem like a silly reason to use something but in this case, it’s not. The more people that use it, the more people contribute to making it a more robust, functioning, user friendly program and many of WordPress’s best features are the result of the collaboration of its huge number of users.

Wordpress with SRN Hosting

2. It’s Easy to Use

There are plenty of reasons why WordPress is used by everyone from bloggers to Fortune 500 companies and one of them is because it’s easy. It’s easy to use, to set up and to personalize. This is especially valuable if it won’t be just you making updates and changes because not having to spend time teaching your employees how to use this tool means you can worry about running your business and not just the website.

3. It’s SEO friendly

Just because you’ve got a website up, doesn’t necessarily mean anyone will be able to find it by doing a web search and that’s where Search Engine Optimization comes in. Thanks to WordPress’s built in SEO friendly features like automatic alt tags, worrying that your site will show up in searches won’t need to be your number one concern

4. It has Lots of Plug-ins...Many for Free

Chances are that if you want something for your website, it’s already been coded for you and better yet, it’s been coded specifically for WordPress sites. A simple click of a button can save you hours of time and money by having to hire a coder just to write a script for your website. If you’re a big believer in not reinventing the wheel, you’ll appreciate this more than anyone.

5. It’s Mobile Friendly

Ask any designer. Creating a site that looks and functions well on MacBooks, PCs and mobile devices is one of the trickier things to accomplish. Having a site that DOES do this is absolutely vital to your website’s success and WordPress has already taken care of that before you even type your first letter.